Do you offer direct billing?

Yes, if your extended health plan allows, direct billing is available for massage therapy sessions to the following insurers:

*Pacific Blue Cross
*Canada Life
*Sun Life
*Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)
*Johnson Inc.
*Green Shield
*Industrial Alliance

Direct billing is available for counselling sessions to the following insurers:

*Medavie Blue Cross
*Green Shield
*ICBC (coming soon)

Do you bill to icbc or worksafe?

Direct billing to WorkSafeBC or ICBC for massage therapy services is not offered at this time. However, our office is in the process of registering with ICBC to provide counselling services

What is your cancellation policy?

Whether its massage therapy, or clinical counselling, all appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice of change or cancellation. The appointment time is reserved specifically for you, and late cancellations or no shows are very difficult to fill. It’s understandable that life happens, so in most situations, a late cancellation fee will not be charged; however, if a client repeatedly late cancels/no shows (3x in a calendar year), they will no longer be able to book

Do i have to take my clothes off for a massage therapy treatment?

No. All massage therapy treatments are trauma-informed and no one has to do something they do not feel comfortable with. While there are select techniques that need to be done directly on the skin (e.g. myofascial release, isolitic release, cross fiber frictions), they can be avoided as there are many others to choose from that can be done over clothing. Please let your therapist know if you have any concerns, and they will help design a treatment that respects your boundaries

Is massage therapy safe during pregnancy?

If you are having a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and do not have a history of repeat early miscarriage, then yes, massage therapy administered by someone with post graduate training in pregnancy massage is absolutely safe at any stage of pregnancy, including the first trimester

Do i need a referral for massage or counselling?

No, clients can refer themselves to massage therapy and clinical counselling; however, some extended health plans require a physicians referral before they will cover it. Please check your plan details, or connect with your HR administrator before booking an appointment to determine if this is required of your plan