Whether it is a necessary part of your cancer treatment, you are reducing your breast size to manage back pain, or you are taking a momentous step to match your physical body with your felt sense of gender, breast/chest surgery is a major transition to undergo and is accompanied by a host of physical, emotional and psychological changes. The chest area is a complex intersection of skin, glandular tissue, muscle, connective tissue, and blood and lymphatic vessels for the entire torso and massage therapy is very effective at preparing all of these different structures for surgery and supporting them to heal optimally afterwards. In addition to healing the external wounds, massage therapy can help reduce stress, and increase a clients sense of nurturing and support as they work towards acceptance of their new post surgery body.

Breast/chest massage is indicated for a variety of procedures including:
breast reduction
breast augmentation
gender affirming top surgery
post mastectomy breast reconstruction (expanders, DIEP, and TRAM-flap).

All treatments will be uniquely designed for your body, comfort level, stage of recovery, and procedure you have undergone. Common treatment goals are to manage post operative swelling, decrease healing time, restore physical function, restore range of motion, improve scar mobility, minimize potential healing complications (e.g. contractures) and normalize the changes your body has been through as a result of surgery. Breast/chest treatments do involve direct, hands-on techniques in sensitive areas including breast/chest tissue, so we welcome you to share any concerns or discomforts you have with your massage therapist before we begin.